A New Day Exhibition

At Tufenkian Fine Arts, a group exhibition featuring works by Julia Couzens, Richard Hoblock, and Farzad Kohan explores the processes of reexamination, introspection, and ultimately, the passage of time. “A New Day” opened at Tufenkian Fine Arts on Wednesday, May 12th and runs through June 26th.

For these artists, the practice of layering, mark making, polishing, removal, and reconstruction offers the chance for constant reconsideration and reflection. The cyclical process of accumulation and subtraction, repurposing and augmentation, reveals the artist’s subconscious and automatic reflection on the movement of time. Dynamic and powerful in both scale and thematic scope, the works in the exhibition lend themselves to thorough self-examination and contemplation.

Julia Couzens’ sculptures, which she aptly refers to as “bundles”, are asymmetrically enveloped masses of found objects ranging anywhere from rope, string, yarn, and fabric to discarded plastic and metal wires. The tangibility of these works and the physical processes the artist uses in the creation of her sculptures highlights Couzens’ interest in materiality and the meticulous accumulation of layers. Her works relay an impression of tightly contained energy and offer the viewer a fresh perspective with each new vantage point.

Initially commissioned to produce screenplay portraits, Richard Hoblock shifted his attention to painting after a profound encounter with Willem deKooning’s painting, Excavation, at the Art Institute of Chicago. His most recent body of works consist of vigorous applications of paint and highly expressive brushstrokes, echoing the artist’s fascination with musical dynamics, harmonies, and intonation.

Farzad Kohan does not conform to any single artistic identity. The artist’s signature process of using shredded pieces of paper collage which are then sanded down to distress the paint on the surface of the board or canvas instinctually reflects Kohan’s distant past. The artist’s vivacity for color and energy finds itself wonderfully expressed in the motif of the ebulliently blossoming tree.

Standing between representation and abstraction, every work in the exhibition presents a poignant reflection on each artist’s unique personal history. The gestural force, vibrancy of color, and tactility of the artworks in the exhibition imbues the viewer with an immediate sense of admiration. Celebratory and joyous, these artworks herald the jubilant sensations of springtime!